Australia’s deadliest floods, with between 80 and 100 people dead, occurred in Gundagai in 1852.

That number would undoubtedly have been significantly higher if it were not for the efforts of a group of Wiradjuri people, most notably Yarri, Jacky Jacky, Long Jimmy and Tommy Davis.

Making use of canoes, the Wiradjuri heroes navigated the floodwaters, saving people who had scrambled onto rooftops and into trees.

Over a three day period, the men rescued at least 69 people who might otherwise have perished. Yarri alone saved 49.

Sombre Reflection

As I made camp in Gundagai, on my way from Nowra (Jerrinja Tribe) heading towards covering a story in Shepparton (Yorta Yorta), I couldn’t help but feel an incredible connection to that beautiful country.