My World Of Radio

After decades as a corporate writer, print journalist, and mental health advocate/public speaker at 60 years of age I decided on a new career – radio journalism and radio music show producer and host.

Retirement’s For Mugs!

Keeping busy and challenged is what I love. Well, aside from writing, gaming and whatever else distracts me, that is. So when the opportunity came in 2017 to start an entirely new career in radio, I jumped at it.

Now, as the producer and host of two weekly radio programmes – Balit Dhumba (focused on Treaty) and Sixties Sojourn, it’s definitely a case of “retirement’s for mugs!”

My Radio Programmes

Connection Matters

Connection Matters is unfortunately on indefinite hiatus due to lack of funding. A programme that focused on Aboriginal current affairs, it went to air for an hour, three times a week. As the sole producer, journalist, host and primary funder, the financial burden was just a bit too much. I’m hoping, though, that it can be resurrected in the future.

Sixties Sojourn

Without a shadow of a doubt, Sixties Sojourn is Melbourne’s home of sixties music on the radio. Entirely produced by me, the focus is on much more than just playing the music of the sixties, it’s also about information. Every song played is accompanied by a bit of background information.