So Why Do I Game?

by | 7 Jul 2019

It all started long before the Super Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox. It was in the early 70s with a console that played just one game – Pong. To the best of my recollection it was a Magnavox (see image left), but it was so long ago I simply can’t remember. The hours of sheer enjoyment I gained, though, are clear in my mind; and it’s enjoyment that I still experience over 40 years later with the latest gaming technology and consoles.

Mario’s Lifeline

In my book Build A Bridge, I actually devote an entire chapter to gaming. The Chapter – Mario’s Lifeline – focuses on the importance of gaming to my mental health. I won’t go on about that in this blog entry, because if you’d like to know more about it, then the book is a free download from this website. Go and grab a copy of it. It’s actually a pretty damn good read.

The fact is that gaming does remain an important part of my life and my mental health. (write more about this 🙂